Monday, March 9, 2009


Anyone have a copy of this 1979 documentary hosted by Glenn Ford which served as a reunion for many of our favorites who played in popular western films and tv series over the years....just to name a few....Lee Van Cleef, Clayton Moore, John Russell,  James Drury, Slim Pickens, Jock Mahoney, Neville Brand and Chuck Connors.


raymie said...

I've seen it but don't own it.Try Bisbee where you may find it with Charlton Heston's face on the cover.Or try the Apache market for a buck.It was the beginning of the boots whether they knew it that night or not,and they didn't.And it was the end of the trail for oh so many of them.Right down to there last televised appearance.I don't belittle it.A few years ago I seen it offered for twenty bucks on the internet.Many when they started out from that show would have jumped for joy to have got twenty dollars a day in the movies.Gone but not forgotten.At least by us.

Tom B. said...

Yeah I have 2 copies. I'll give you one once I'm finished moving and unpack. It's lots of fun but could have been better. There's several musical numbers they could have left out and several of the actors are never introduced. Scenes are shown out of sequence and they coulda, woulda,shoulda done a better job.

Jangoz said...

Thanks much, amigo.