Monday, April 16, 2012


Just watched TSW. Not a bad film and considering the turned out, and looks much better, than I had expected. Acting was good overall...Dan van Husen and Brett (here using his spaghetti western monicker Montgomery Ford) Halsey were very good and and "Introducing Raymond Isenberg as Raymond Isenberg" was exceptional in his film debut. (The film needed more of this mild mannered man.) The lead played by Aaron Stielstra was credible. I thought the direction, the cinematography, the sound, the editing and the effects were very good and much better than recent other oaters, such as THE GUNDOWN, which had bigger budgets.....but less creativity(?). Everyone connected to this movie needs to be congratulated. However, one thing really bugs me to no end. This movie has the worst title of any "western" I can think of...THE SCARLET WORM! Don't tell me that this creative bunch couldn't come up with a more meaningful and better title? All in all, one of the best of the recent crop of very low budget westerns and definitely worth a look-see. I'd like to see these guys get together again with a bit larger budget and see what they would come up with.