Friday, October 26, 2012


Just found out that this poor remake of Kirk Douglas' MAN WITHOUT A STAR, and rarely seen oater, aired on Encore Westerns at noon today. Discovered you could watch it on IMDB awhile back and hadn't seen it in years and fortunately realized that I had really missed nothing. Both movies are based on Dee Linford's novel..."Man Without A Star." Franciosa is okay and most of the time better than the script dealt him. AMCG is more like a tv movie than a theatrical release...which it was and features in addtion to Tony...Michael Sarrazin, and tv stalwarts Susan Oliver, John Anderson, James Westerfield, Gavin MacLeod, Terry Wilson, Cliff (Potts) Potter and Jason Evers. While MWAS has in its supporting cast such noted actors as Jeanne Crain, Claire Trevor and Richard Boone and iconic character actors William Campbell, Jay C. Flippin, Sheb Wooley, Roy Barcroft, Jack Elam (uncredited) and Myron Healey (uncredited). Kirk's version is well worth re-watching again and again while Tony's, sadly, isn't. Probably why "Gannon" hasn't been seem on tv in some time and has never been released on video or dvd.