Thursday, November 4, 2010


As most of you know for many years Hollywood had two major trade papers....VARIETY, which published a weekly and daily version, and THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER which only published daily. THR went through bankruptcy awhile back and now has been relaunched with much fanfare. THR"s new goal is this.....their own words...." create the single most intelligent, compelling, inspired and irresistable read in the entertainment industry. To create something that you not only need to read but want to read." Bold words!

A few weeks back I got an email from them stating that I was one of a few (probably bull) select people that were picked for a free three month trial subscription to the "relaunched" version and even if I elected to receive the free copies I still may not be one of the final "chosen few" (probably even more bull). So, all in all, I said, "yes...please send me a free month trial subscription without any risks attached."

I forgot all about it until yesterday when THR's "Premiere Issue" arrived in the mail (a weekly publication and not a daily one)....looking very slick and well produced on first glance and, lo and behold, it is in the same size as our magazines used to be back in the day before all mags went into their squatty versions and the cover is printed on stock much, much thicker than the interior back in the day.

But and I do mean but....even though I liked this issue and it has some good reading in it, it doesn't have the feel at all of a trade magazine, let alone a major one at that, and, to me, it definitely doesn't live up to the hype printed above and taken from this issues's "Letter From The Editor." It just appears to be a slicker version of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY which is one of my favorite, to be redundant, entertainment publications. Even so....I am looking forward to THR's next issue..but in no way will I subscribe when my free trial ends. A year's subscription, even with my "special" deal would cost over $200 and in no way does this price justify my continuing to get it....if I were movie stars like Dan and raymie and could write off the subscription....then maybe....Naaaaahhhh.

We talk about inflation. When I arrived in Hollywod in late '67 both THR and DV were each one thin dime....and I used to buy my copies from Billy Curtis....yes that Billy Curtis...who had a little (no pun intended) portable news stand near Hollywood and Vine that he would set up each morning to sell the trades and the local papers. At that time THE HOLLYWOOD CITIZEN NEWS was still being published, as well as THE HERALD EXAMINER along with the venerable LA TIMES. Ahhhhh those were the days my friends.