Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TRUE GRIT the novel

Was elated today when I located my copy of TRUE GRIT. First printing of the Signet Paperback in February 1969 cost me all of 95c. John Wayne movie tie-in pictures on the inside of the front cover and on both sides of the back cover. Higher printings can be purchased at used book sites anywhere from $25 to $35. Great read.


I'm really enjoying the episodes of WAGON TRAIN now airing on Encore Westerns...more so than I thought I would. I was (and am) a big fan of Robert Horton and was always disappointed when episodes would air that he was barely in. To me the show went down hill when Bond died (even though John McIntire has grown on me over the years, he seemed weak to me as the wagon master) and almost dropped off a cliff when Horton left the show. One of my favorite Golden Boots moments was when Robert Horton autographed a copy of TV Guide with him on the cover and the smile I got when I gave him a duplicate copy.