Friday, April 19, 2013


THE MAN WHO LOVED CAT DANCING is a very good western and Burt Reynolds was at the top of his form when it was made. Yet you hardly hear anyone talk about it and it never seems to pop up on any best westerns list. Besides Burt, Jack Warden, Lee J. Cobb and Bo Hopkins are very good. Sara Miles was never prettier...nor was George Hamilton. (That was a cheap dig but I couldn't resist it.) Book sold a kajillion copies when it first came out and those who hadn't read it were trying to figure out what the title meant. Hmm... is cat dancing kind of like dog fighting but more graceful and not violent? 'Twas just the name of the central character's ( Jay's) first wife. If you haven't seen it or watched it in awhile it is well worth viewing. (Warner Archives has released it on, dvd so a good widescreen copy is available from them.) Somehow when it comes to discussions about good western movies this one just doesn't seem to crop up much. There was scandal related to the making of this movie. Sarah Miles' business manager-boy friend was found dead in her room. At first foul play was suspected but cause of death was later determined to be suicide from overdose of drugs. Again check out this oft overlooked and seldom seen very good oater and with a John Williams score, to boot.