Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is another in a series of posts about the lesser known heroes of our by-gone years, most of whom you'll say "HUH?" while scratching your head in disbelief that anyone would take the time to blog about someone or some animal you've never heard of and could care less about.  Oh, yes, "Boots, the Wonder Dog.  "Who in the heck is he?" you say.  Not much is known about this canine marvel.  I don't even have a picture of him....and who's to say he's not a she?  Boots only appeared in two films....both westerns.  The 1939 THE ADVENTURES OF THE MASKED PHANTOM (title is a bit misleading since this is the only adventure the Masked Phantom had,so  it should have been called THE ADVENTURE OF THE MASKED PHANTOM) with the legendary Monte Rawlins (WHO?), this being Monte's fifth and last film.  (He used the nom de plume Dean Spencer twice.) "PHANTOM" was, for whatever reasons, filmed in Florida and was the story of a masked hero fighting a gang of gold-raiders.  Did Boots sidekick the Phantom or did he belong to the obligatory kid?  Boots last screen appearance was in the 1941 SILVER STALLION with Chief Thundercloud who had a better screen history than either Boots or Monte.  Hmmmmm..... "SILVER,".... "MASKED?"  Why am I thinking of The Lone Ranger? Don't know what happened to Boots after this as details of his life and career are fairly sketchy.

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