Sunday, December 30, 2012

WW II action flick....PLAY DIRTY

Just watched it in its entirety, for the first time since I saw it in the theatres during its initial release, the oft over-looked and vastly under-appreciated Michael Caine-Nigel Davenport WWII war film PLAY DIRTY.  They just don’t make ‘action flicks like this any more and they certainly don’t end ‘em like this any more.  Was great seeing my beloved spaghetti western location sites in Almeria, Spain continuously popping up while inside I’m screaming, “I’ve been there!.  I’ve walked those grounds.”  Great direction by Andre De Toth.  In addition to liking Michael Caine, I also like Nigel Davenport.  In addition to being superb in SANDS OF THE KALAHARI, he also appeared in two spaghetti westerns…THE RETURN OF EL COYOTE and CHARLEY-ONE-EYE.  This movie had interesting dueling Nigel scenes…..Nigel Davenport and Nigel Green.  Unfortunately Nigel Bruce had long passed before filming began on PLAY DIRTY or he might have been the 3rd Nigel in the cast.    Well worth a look-see.