Friday, April 3, 2009


This is a new book on the real legendary (and not celluloid) Jack Slade written by Dan Rottenberg.  He was known as "The Law West of Kearney," and was very instrumental in helping the North win the Civil War.  In 1859 when the US careened toward civil war, Washington's only northern link with America's richest state, California, was a stagecoach line operating between Missouri and the Pacific and Slade was hired to clean up and keep open this line.  He kept the stagecoaches and the US mail running and helped launch the Pony Express all of which kept California in the Union.....and without California's gold, the Union could not have financed its cause.  Slade's legend grew when he was shot multiple times and left for dead, only to survive and exact revenge on his would-be killer.  Later on his life descended into alcoholism transforming him into a real Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde....from a courageous leader, devoted husband and charming gentleman into a vicious quick-triggered ruffian and purported outlaw. No pictures exist of this man.  Not knowing anything about the real Jack Slade makes this a most welcome read.