Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Got home yesterday afternoon from a great four day trip to Tombstone, Az....is there another Tombstone?  Tom Betts did all the drivin' and I did all the ridin'.....shotgun that is.  We met up with "resident" Chris Casey and our buddies from the east raymie (ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE AUTUMN) Isenberg & John Nudge and Franco Cleef flew in from the frozen North....Canada for the uninitiated.   Saw where Billy the Kid killed his first man; visited the Rex Allen Museum (Marty Robbins was from the same town....Willcox , Az); had a spaghetti dinner capped by watching the Franco Cleef restored version of THE BIG GUNDOWN and we finished off the weekend by overeating at a bbq with the fixin's prepared by Missus raymie and son Justin and then watching the English language version of YANKEE (courtesy of ol' Mr. Franco Cleef hisself.) Like the fellow once said, "a good time was had by all."


Chris Casey said...

I wish it was still going on!!
I had a blast and a half! Having the crew in my neck of the woods is always great.
Ol' Raymie and I carried the torch another full week!
Festival of the West in Scotsdale this past weekend was a better than swell time. Wish you could have been there!
I am definitely going back next year!

raymie said...

Our kid brother,young Casey is truly our blood my older brother jangoz.We all three have suckled from the same mother's breast.We are the same.Together he and I did battle and were warriors in a ghost hunt that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck and want to run.But not young casey.His eyes gleamed bright like he had hitched up his pistol for a gunfight that he knew he could win.That was more paranormal evidence than I care to experience again.Together we watched westerns filmed in italy,spain,texas and arizona.Tom says every western deserves one viewing.We the leones are westerns.Old jangoz watched thirty of them in just one week a few weeks ago.Better the Leone mafia meet again in tombstone next march and go to festival of the west than to South Dakota.The Leone bunch deserve to be at that festival a lot more than thousands that were there though there love is genuine..We have forgotten more than they will ever learn about western movies.Half there guests filmed in spain at one time and they are all facing towards there final sunset.We owe it to them and to ourselves to be at that twentieth festival next march.We may be "The Mild Bunch" but we are to western films what Bob Boze Bell is to the real west.Young Casey and I are calm unless sand is kicked in our eyes...then look out.But together we have never uttered a cross word to each other.We are united whether thousands of miles split us apart or not.We are western films.We are the bastard children of Sergio.Like the stars at festival of the west.We are a dying breed.

Jangoz said...

Going to THE FESTIVAL OF THE WEST next year sounds like a grand idea. Without "the boots" this is the next best thing.