Saturday, July 14, 2012


Forty-seven years after seeing it in it's initial theatrical release I finally got to revisit this futuristic action flick directed by Elio Petri on Blu-ray dvd. Bit disappointing but not that much as it still holds up today.....Petgri keeps the action moving. Stars Marcello Mastroianni and Ursala Andress, with Elsa Martinelli in a supporting role, were at the top of their careers when they made this movie. Funny how time erases things....I seemed to remember it being more violent. Maybe the lack of blood and bullet holes lessened the impact at this 2nd viewing. Spaghetti vet George Wang appears in the beginning of the movie and two spaghetti scribes Ennio Flaiano & Giorgio Salvioni (ALIVE OR PREFERABLY DEAD aka SUNDANCE CASSIDY AND BUTCH THE KID) co-wrote the script.Co-star Martinelli also appeared in a spaghetti (THE BELLE STAR STORY.) This movie is ripe for a remake.