Friday, March 6, 2009


This obscure 1973 action/drama movie featuring our buddy William Smith and Roger E. Mosley ("TC" on MANGNUM PI) is airing on TCM tonight at 1am (PT.)  This movie is not on DVD or video and frankly until I saw it advertised as being on TCM I had never heard of it.  MGM actually did the theatrical distribution.  Director Henning Schellerup may be best known for being the cinematographer on  the Steve Forrest LAST OF THE MOHICANS tv movie in 1977and BLACK SAMPSON in 1974 with, again, William Smith and Rockne Tarkington who had a small role in Sam Elliots's 1995 tv western THE DESPERATE TRAIL.  Schellerup at one time appeared to be the in-house director for Sunn Classic Pictures which produced a lot of biblical documentary style movies and several Dan Haggerty projects including GRIZZLY ADAMS.

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