Thursday, February 26, 2009

SIX REASONS WHY (2008 "western?")

I can give you 666 reasons why not and here are the first eighteen.......(1)  A Campagna Brothers Independent Production; (2) Directed by the Campangna Brothers (Jeff and Matthew); (3) Written by the Campagna Brothers; (4) Executive Producers....the Campagna Brothers; (5) Co-starring the Campagna Brothers; (6) Cinematography by Matthew Campagna; (7) Film Editing by the Campagna Brothers; (8) Casting by the Campagna Brothers; (9) Production Design by the Campagna Brothers; (10) Production Manager...Jeff Campagna; (11) Visual effects supervisor...Matthew Campagna; (12) Stunt Double....Jeff Campagna; (13) two of the three camera operators....The Campagna Brothers; (14) Animator...Matthew Campagna; (15) Wardrobe...The Campagna Brothers; (16) Music Supervisor...Jeff Campagna; (17) The Campagna Brothers, whoever the heck they are and whoever gave them the idea they could make a movie and (18) absolutely, positively the worst attempt at a western ever made.  ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE AUTUMN garners 10 stars compared to this piece of drek!!!!!


wildbill said...

Tom says every piece of excretement drek deserves one viewing.Tom said something like that,well a facimile once and I have watched westerns simply because the marshal said it.I also cleaned up my plate in 1959 because kids were starving in africa.There grandkids are now starving and I turned out as portly as a beached whale because I was told to clean my plate.I may come through as wildbill from another board.I can no longer remember all my names :(

Tom B. said...

Boy if this film garners ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE AUTUMN that high a rating it must make even PALO PINTO GOLD look good.

Jeff Campagna said...

Jeff Campagna here, and, as it seems you are extremely well aware of who I am. Interesting blog. My list of favorite films, if I were to publish it online as you have done, would look ironically similar to yours.

Though I respect the role of the 'undeserving critic' that the advent of blogging has so effectively afforded, I see no apparent 'critique' in your articulate and expertly written display of Neo-Criticism. I hope my sarcasm is not lost on you.

The film has been written about, or 'critiqued' by many a blogger (whose opinions don't stray too far from those of bathroom stall scribblers) to varying mixed reviews. Whether good or bad, I usually enjoy reading them, as I know that in this day in age it is humanly impossible to please everyone. Though I can't say I enjoyed your review at all. Very boring and uninspired.

Among the talentless writers contributing their 1's and 0's to the endless sea of uninteresting, unoriginal, redundant and ego-centric blogs, your "Six Reasons Why" entry scraped the lowest of the low. But then again, who knows, maybe the remaining 648 reasons you left out have a faint dusting of merit or even a hint of credibility. I wouldn't bet on it.

If your dedicated following enjoys your scroll, that's great, but there is no need to publish unsubstantiated tripe regarding what could very well be someone else's well intentioned contribution to the western, someone else's labour of love. A labour of love that was purchased by Hollywood for a quarter of a million dollars when it only took $12,000 to make.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is; John Crummett, what the hell was your contribution to the genre you so clearly cherish? This? A blog? Shame.

Keep scribbling John.

jeff campagna

Art Lover said...

I have seen this film and I quite enjoyed it. there are so many things about Six Reasons Why that make it an instant cult classic.

John, you seem to think that the fact that these two brothers made the entire film (since their names are practically the exclusive titles in the credits) makes it less worthy of a viewing. HOW SO? If anything, I find this makes this film even more intriguing and impressive. Two brothers single handedly made a contribution to a genre and I found it to be a noble effort. I think this film leaves a genuine impression on viewers and invites western-fanatics to question the elements that make up this genre. I LOVE that the Campagan Brothers turned this somewhat repetitive genre on its head. It's refreshing to see work by artists who attempt to reinvent themselves and push the boundaries of their creativity and n doing so, end up pushing the boundaries of genre conventions.

This UNIQUE take on a western surely fits the genre title in my opinion. In fact, when I scrolled to the bottom of the page after having read Jeff Campagna's rebuttal to your review (which I must admit was much better written than your own review - which makes sense as to why the dialogue in the film was so meaningful and symbolic, seeing as he probably had a writers credit as well) I noticed that there are several "western" genre film stills. At first glance, I thought these stills were from Six Reasons Why. Every single one of these classic shots was referenced in The Campagna Brothers' film. Now how can you dispute the fact that it's a western when it clearly has such strong wastern influences?? I suppose you completely overlooked the fact that this film has a uniquely interesting and inspiring score, a complicated and captivating story line, a high quality control rating for an independent film and superbly beautiful cinematography.

Maybe you should watch again and reconsider. I have read other reviews on this film and it has been highly praised as one of the latest cult classics, and an obvious triumph for two independent film makers. That being said, you don't have to like the film. But you never said why you didn't. I have to agree with Jeff Campagna's response - you seem to be bashing this film because the internet affords you the luxury to do so, but as far as assuming the role of a critic goes, you fall very short.

I loved Six Reasons Why. I appreciate the vision behind it.

Michael Mercy said...

John, you're a buffoon. To actually try to make all of the tasks that the Campagnas did out to be a negative? No, Johnny Boy, it's not a negative. It's a very big positive. It's a shining example of how difficult it is to make a film, especially an indie one with no studio support, and is a testament to the passion and never-say-die attitude that many indie filmmakers have. The fact that they make these films despite all of the challenges they face AND they do it in the face of ignorant, lazy and negative imbeciles such as yourself, is an inspiration to me.

Why don't you try making just a 3 minute short? Go ahead Johnny, you can do it. Because unlike what you did, I'm going to send POSITIVE energy your way and encourage you: So put down the donut, put on some pants, go out and get a camera, cast some actors, write a story, shoot it, edit it (better buy a good computer too, by the way), foley your sound, get the music done, and then shop it around.

Can't wait to see it!

Michael Mercy

Anonymous said...

Wow... I've never read a review that was so clearly not a review, but a spray of venom; it's nothing more than a spot of jealousy from an inept blogger who wished he could do more than just sit on his ass and WATCH movies. All he needed to do was see in a film like Six Reasons Why the proof an industrious, hard earned indie film, that two guys can actually MAKE A WESTERN, and he feels SO insecure and worthless about his contribution to the world that he needs to compose this piece of drivel to compensate.

I've got to agree with Mr. Campagna: shame, shame shame. You really have a cowardly lot in life, John, and I hope your readers are better human beings than you are.


raymie said...

Wow I don't want caught in the cross fire here.I am innocent! I just read my horoscope today for myself for those like me born in november of 1982 and it said..."You may not necessarily gain the notoriety you desire in your career,but if born in 82 you should start to sprout a pubic hair or two this year" I am on the verge the cusp of becoming a man! I know my western that I wrote,produced,directed,edited and starred in would probably be a flop.There is no market for a crazed canadian cowboy gunslinger conceived through incest that finds happiness with a female grizzly in the canadian outback and after multiple rapes and killings lives to see the film's happy ending.My twelve dollar budget hamstrung what I wanted to really do and compromised my ideals.I don't have a foot to stand on in defending my western since I was stupid enough to say for the internet "I have absolutely no idea what the hell I am doing!" concerning my film.Now please everyone calm down.If I was man enough to reveal so much about myself and the fact that I am content to be a failure,why can't everyone else in the Obama age of peace and love also do the same.Otto Preminger only coughed blood and screamed and cursed and threatened and intimidated and retaliated AFTER he made the big time as a director.It pays to be humble when young and on the first rung of the show biz ladder like myself.I embrace all with love.Amen !

Anonymous said...

...I think that is probably the most uninspiring and mediocre critique (and I use that term loosely) I have had the displeasure of reading. John, we're going to go through review 101 together. Get out your pen and paper...

A review is meant to offer meaningful information to the reader, giving those interested in seeing the film an idea of what they can expect so they can make an informed decision. A review is NOT the chance for an arm-chair critic like yourself to spout useless, obvious envy on those who are doing something you only wish you could. I second Michael's comments...dust the potato chip crumbs off yourself and please do attempt a 3-minute short...I'm sure the experience will aid in helping you develop a more well-rounded perspective, replacing the narrow, self-serving focus that currently hinders your quote, unquote reviews.

My recommendation...the next time you break out your crayons to write another infantile critique, stop, sit back, take a deep breath and ask yourself if it will serve your followers or your own dwindling ego? If it's the latter, then go back to your colouring books and remember to stay in the lines.

- Daniel W.

raymie said...

This youth culture with there bi polor ways are intense in shoving down your throat there attitude of... You will love it...or else!Listen tight you spoiled children.You should have never woken up this sleeping old dog.The people who read john's blog have talked to and know on a first name basis so many actors who have appeared in more westerns than mr.campagna's age in the number of years he has lived.They know producers,directors and been through the west.They know old west history,locations,weapons and the land.Their has not been five great westerns made in mr.campagna's life time yet.There were dozens made in ours.I have no problem with the internet clip of his film.Only the quick shot of the horse shows a buzzard bait that a drunken reservation indian wouldn't eat even with steak sauce.It's alright for Franco Nero to drag a coffin in a film but it shows limp wrist tendencies if he leads the nag instead of rides it in the clip for this film.Have some respect for your elders children.I only watch what john tells me is good.Don't you think it's time to choke and gag down your raging blind putrid tenderfoot fury? Or better yet go suck eggs somewhere else.We don't want teeny bopper sergio leone wannabes here in the first place.Each of us owns more westerns than you rebel rousers combined have ever heard of.Strong arm tactics can't force a good review out of us.Not if we didn't like it in the first place.Peace and love kids !

Michael Mercy said...

Raymie, just because many great westerns came out during "your time," how does that make you a contributor to it? Because sitting your ass in a theatre seat and going to WATCH said movie, in my opinion, doesn't mean you contributed to it. If it does, then a teenager who just saw The Good, The Bad and the Ugly for the first time last week and loved it is just as big a contributor as you. And talking to filmmakers doesn't make you a contributor either.

Your kind of reasoning is the most tired, egotistical, self-centered kind of reasoning there is. "Everything was better when *I* was young." That's a pretty ignorant way of thinking, and it keeps you from recognizing when people who weren't around when *you* were young try to appreciate things when *you* were young. You're a lazy, spoon-fed schmuck, and you deserve absolutely NONE of the respect you demand. Case in point: you only watch the movies John tells you to. Why don't you think for yourself? Too lazy, that's why.

My advice to you is to GROW UP and stop acting like a teenager that's blindly cheering on his high school sporting team against "the evil visiting team," evil simply because they're not from around where you are from. I've seen many great westerns made in just the last 10 years, because unlike you, I seeked them out. Who gives a damn what some guy who doesn't think for himself thinks?

~Michael Mercy

raymie said...

I only said I watch the films john tells me to watch to give you ammunition liberal wonder brain.I control the extent of your sarcastic retorts to my amusement.I am the producer and director of the outcome because flame produces flame.What I type to set you up to show more of your biting stinging demeaning remarks is nothing like I really am.Back down,back off,back away.I was enjoying verbal sparring long before you were born.Don't cheapen yourself by letting me enjoy more of the same thanks to you.Nobody invited you here and I have completed my purpose to have you unleash a blistering volley of scorn towards me and to make you forget why you were mad at john for in the first place.Defending Campagna is as childish as defending john if you resort to flame.But somehow I get the feeling I will sleep well tonight anyway.

Anonymous said...

Raymie, it is not a matter of love it or else; it's a matter of having something relevant and meaningful to say. Sighting 18 scathing references that simply refer to the fact that the Campagna's were heavily involved in all aspects of the film demonstrates a lack of intelligent thought and a celluloid snobbery that I thought passed with the proliferation of the indie film scene. Apparently, as this Blog has demonstrated, I was dead wrong. Whether you love the film or hate the film, I could care less...what I do care about is that those reviewing the film do so based on its merit and content, not simply because of crew limitations. In the end Raymie, it is not about who you know or who you rub elbows with (all this demonstrates is that you are trying to build a reputation based on who you know and not what you contribute, which at this point is nothing more than meaningless verbage), it's about the art...and clearly you and the cohort you're defending are missing the true point and beauty of film. I hope you eventually find it!

Daniel W.

Jangoz said...

Everyone, everyone calm down! Wow, this has inspired almost as many negative responses as the time I said,"Why do we need another Alamo movie?" My humble attempt, which obviously failed, was totally tongue in cheek, AND I must admit the title led me to try and come up with a funny, but not to you and your legion of fans, play on words. Hey, I admire you guys for actually going out and making the film....God knows how many talk about doing one and never getting it off the ground....and it appears you also put your money where your mouth is. Congrats! Jeff,I appreciate your comments and response, and I'm glad you responded. I meant no harm. Truly it wasn't meant to be taken personal and yet you did. This blog was set up to be basically read by a close group of friends who constantly make fun of each other, in a loving way. Ask raymie how many hits he has rec'd on his ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE AUTUMN. I didn't like your movie. I wanted to like it. I found the dvd cover art inspiring and was fondly looking forward to a viewing of a new western...and, unfortunately, I found it hard to watch....generation gap? Mebbe? I just didn't find it that enjoyable..tried to, but couldn't. I do give you and your brother kudos for making the film...and I hope you continue to make more...$12,000 to $25O,000 is a pretty good return. For those of us who adore and love westerns there are far too few being made and unfortunately most that are now being made are pretty lame, and/or too pretentious. And, that's the problem....most are turnoffs! If we want the younger generation to return to and stay with the genre we have to come up with better filmmaking ways and ideas. Hey, I'm not the devil incarnate. I'm a pretty decent fellow, and I'm sure you are too, and if I sound like I'm apologizing....I kinda am...but I really didn't like your movie, even with it's good intentions, and with you and your brother's name on every credit it was really easy to poke fun. I could up and erase all these posts but I won't. A little sparring dialogue never hurt anyone. I actually am pleased that you found my little blog, which again was not set up to be an authority on anything, but simply to be a place where I can post comments on things I LIKE OR DISLIKE with my friends, or try to be funny (which it appears I seem to often fail, but then funny is like's in the eye of the beholder). I could get into what my contributions were and are to the western genre but I don't think I need to defend myself any further. Those who know me know and to those who don't it doesn't really matter. Jeff, keep making films. I'm actually looking forward to your next western. I'm sure it will be better.

It's funny...I never got personal in my comments, but it always seems there are those of you that have to. Oh, do I wish that I had nothing better to do than sit on a couch all day and watch movies. Now, to me that would be the life!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame John can't state his opinion of a film whether good or bad and have everyone else who disagrees jump all over his ass. It seems it's okay to bash John but not okay for John to bash a film he didn't like. I don't care what others say about the film this was John's take on it. John is an accomplished screenwriter so I would think he knows what he likes in a story or not. Come on guys take it easy. I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt feelings but he doesn't need to have the wrath of God brought down on his head for not liking the film.

Burke said...

I've always valued the critic's role in the world of art, so long as there is merit to the critique. However, of all the many glaring weaknesses in your 'assessments' of "six reasons why" the one that displayed your naïveté and lack of thought was this: "with you and your brother's name on every credit it was really easy to poke fun."
I hardly know where to begin with this comment! Essentially, this is point ONE that should not just be emphasized but praised. It instantly reflects the nature of the artists and the intensity and drive of the ambition of the creators. With your line of thinking, you've basically inexplicably found fault with the greatest filmmakers in cinema. Let's list a few (in no particular order):

Orson Welles
Brian DePalma
Quentin Tarantino
Oliver Stone
Clint Eastwood
Sergio Leone
Steven Spielberg
Ingemar Bergman
Roman Polanski
Michael Curtiz
Martin Scorcese
...the list goes on...

Then you have a myriad of actors who also shared MULTIPLE credits as well, such as "written, directed, starring.." and went on to incredible accolades / awards:

Clint Eastwood
Ron Howard
Billy Bob Thornton
Sean Penn
Kevin Smith
Robert De Niro
Mel Gibson

The above are just a drop in the bucket. If you have ambitious, talented individuals who are talented enough and willing to work to completion by: directing, writing, producing, acting and taking care of editing and score - you would say without hesitation, this is talent to be respected. With our asinine judgment, you have dismissed in one astounding fell swoop what the greatest in the art of film represent and tried to play it off as being a reflection of a budget deficit rather than what it truly is - talent and ambition.

When a musician records, writes, produces and plays every instrument in an album, critics and fans alike stand in awe of an achievement like that, they don't stutter with envy and say "uh, it's so easy to make fun of this because he/she had to do it all themselves.."

I appreciate you not liking a film due to personal taste, but you need to learn that when you criticize a given piece, it will only have merit if you break it down intelligently and constructively. The old saying ring true, 'there's no accounting for taste.' No one is going to like everything that is created. However, true critiques constructively assess a project properly and uses their knowledge of film, be it the western genre or otherwise as context.

All in all, the main message is keep writing, keep posting, keep viewing and discussing but do so with respect and intelligence and you'll likely not be so badly criticized yourself.

Jangoz said...

Again, you fan boys don't get it. I'm not a critic. You guys have already said this in numerous ways, in numerous posts. And I agree. I'm merely a little blogger who apparently stepped on some really big egos and raised a fire storm much mightier than I could have ever anticipated. I bet this is the most attention this movie has received in a long time....and, in all probability, has caused many a lad to rush out to try and find a copy to see what all the fuss is about. Who said, "There is no such thing as bad publiciity?"

I did go out yesterday to pick up a copy so I could try and rewatch it again. I do most of my purchasing and renting of movies (all genres....I love westerns the most but I watch other genres as well) at Interact in Pasadena. Dave, the owner is a great guy, and he buys, sells and rents used dvds for unbelievable prices. I went to where he normally kept "Six" and couldn't find it. Dave told me that it was now in the "Under $5" section. No one but me had ever rented it and to hopefully sell his one copy he had reduced the price from $12 to $4. Even so, at that price it was still too high so I decided to rent it again for $1.50.

So...late yesterday afternoon I, once again tried to watch "Six"...and since many of you say I'm not a critic, and I agree, what I next write are merely my comments and not critiism. If I were a critic then my comments could be taken as criticism, and since I'm not...they can't.

Again the Compagna Brothers names are all over the credits...about the only thing they didn't do was manufacture the they have to be willing to take full for the film and everthing connected with it. Can't stand the heat, then get out of the desert. AND, wow, to be compared to the great multi-faceted directors of all time, makes me almost speechless.

I was hoping that I had missed something that would make my appreciation of the film grow but sadly that didn't happen. I applaud you guys for the actually made and sold a movie.. and it's great that you made a profit on your work, but that doesn't make the movie good or watchable.

To put it bluntly, I found the acting to be reminded me of a bunch of school yard boys play-acting cowboys and indians, with everyone looking much too young. I found no one that I could root for. The script was pedestrian and the direction way too pretentious and self-serving.
Cool poses and interesting camera angles do not a movie make. Believe it or not....I have actually seen work by so called professionals that is just as bad.
But, then, what the heck do I know? I'm just a lousy blogger and not a critic!

Sometime tomorrow I am going to delete all of the above posts. I don't dwell in negativity and I don't want my blog to become pissing contests. If you like something you like it, if you don't...well.... you don't....and it's hard to convince others why they should or should not like it. What set out to be a bit of humor for me turned out not to be for others. Funny is hard to describe. What I perceived to be comedy was perceived by others as tragedy.

Jeff, Matthew, I hope you make more movies, especially westerns. I really do, and maybe one day down the road you'll make something that I will actually like. But....based on all the fan boy responses....I'm sure you and they could care less what I think.

raymie said...

Hee hee hee!!! Since it will be all erased tomorrow what the heck why not respank the kids some more.I live and breathe for the battle of words.I could keep this up for weeks.They are so easy to goad and manipulate.We will get a chuckle my brother very soon when we sit and discuss these kids playing cowboy.I loved all the puns and groans and laughs that my film brought,but the kids can't stand to get there scab tore off.I am sorry for you john and I'll tell you why,I'll miss some bits of humor that you would have typed...but now you won't.Big Clint just gave an interview where he lamented these politically correct times.You can't call ethnic cultures by pet names.I regret that you will think twice about what you type.I enjoy this too much.I should start my own blog.Tuco never cared for gold half as much as I enjoy a good fight.Oh well,we are the leone mafia and violently out of stride with the twenty first century.I can't wait until we are together.I want you to yell out"Let's go!" when we hit the trail.Now delete all this tomorrow.Too much fun is bad for my heart.

Jangoz said...

Hmmmm......mebbe I won't delete it after all.

Mr. B said...


sharp tongue 1 said...

i want to see this movie and decide for my self. can i find it on you tube ?

Anonymous said...

Spring the $1.50 and rent it! Or will that break the bank?
Watch these movies the way they were meant to be enjoyed, not sitting in a cheap computer chair watching Part 1 of 15 waiting for Part 2 of 15 to buffer !
Douche Bag.

Jangoz said...

4 years later and the dvd of SIX REASONS WHY still is up for sale at Interact in Pasadena. The longest any dvd has been in Interact's inventory without being rented or sold.