Saturday, February 14, 2009


Thirty-nine years ago today my wife and I had our first date.....and Valentine's Day then was on a Saturday also.  We had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in Century City (the name slips my mind) and saw Henry Fonda as the stage mangager in Thornton Wilder's classic play OUR TOWN at the old Huntington Hartford Theatre on Vine Street in Hollywood and co-rented a car with another couple....all for around 50 bucks.

While watching 30 ROCK the other night we had to laugh as the running gag was "you never have a first date on Valentine's Day."  Well we did, and it was  (and continues to be) wonderful!


raymie said...

I congratulate those 39 years for you two.You have lived in a state since 1971 that has seen many married couples only make 39 months,39 weeks,39 days.You two are the poster pair to hold up to the younger generation and say "Look at us! With a little work it can be done!"

Jangoz said...

Thanks for the kind words, amigo.

Chris Casey said...

That was one heck of a first date!
Sounds like a perfect evening all around. Grand memories of the beginning of a grand relationship.
Congrats to you and the missus for sticking together, amigo!