Wednesday, February 25, 2009

friends I miss from the old SWWB

With a virus hitting our fave the ol' SWWB like a roadside burger through an heiress most of us, including myself, have stayed away.  I miss the drunken rants of Bob Booze Belle and those adorable southern hicks from Pine Ridge, Arkansas...ray ray and shermie.  And, will we ever find out if Barry Matalo ever finishes MATALO, THE MUSICAL.  Will we be forever  left hanging and never know what the finished lyrics are to "Thar's Red Snow On My Boomerrang, Ma'am."


wildbill said...

Oh that drunken booze belle and those arkansas mountain hillbillies ray ray and shermie were all inbred mountain trash.Ray ray and shermie idolised me and took my name by combining ray from raymie and the mie from raymie and came up with ray ray and shermie.They knew I never voted for there second cousin bill clinton and were out to get me.Their interjected humor destroyed many a fine speech I had carfully crafted on the sw message board.And me on the verge of a writing the definitive spaghetti western book! My publisher after reading what bob booze,ray ray and shermie said about my posts made me give the hefty advance I had gotten for the book I was about to write all back.And I had already spent all the money.Why ain't I famous now and not given any interviews on london and paris television shows about my definitive spaghetti western book,the book that never got wrote?Because of the inbreds! The damned inbreds!!! Phooey !!!!!

Jangoz said...

or as "der governator" would say..."dot's uh goot whun!"