Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Just finished the new Lee Marvin Book POINT BLANK by Dwayne Epstein. A pretty darn good book. I learned that Lee was even more of a drunk (alcoholic) than I previously knew. Some interesting tid bits. John Lennon liked THE WILD ONE and the name of Lee's gang was "The Beetles." Jack Palance lobbied hard for the lead in CAT BALLOU and the production company wanted either Kirk Douglas or Jose Ferrer...JOSE FERRER!! before settling on Lee. When Ann-Margret found out her agent has passed on the role of "Cat" without first consulting her she fired him. Lee was one of the first actors to be involved with THE WILD BUNCH (before SamPeck was involved) and even worked on the script before turning it down for PAINT YOUR WAGON...he went for the bigger pay check. Book barely mentions THE SPIKES GANG and doesn't even point out that it was made in Spain. Even with all his problems and foibles Lee still remains one of my all-time favorites. He died at age 63 but looked much much older. Happy Birthday, Lee (2-19). R.I.P.

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