Tuesday, February 19, 2013


FORT DOBBS is one of Clint Walker's best westerns. It is interesting to note that the patterned jacket Clint wears in the beginning of the film pops up once or twice in some episodes of his CHEYENNE tv show. Warners made the tv show CHEYENNE on the cheap by using lots and lots of footage from other Warner Bros. westerns. The Pilot episode of CHEYENNE used so much footage from the Errol Flynn western ROCKY MOUNTAIN that it is almost a clone of the movie. So why not recycle clips of Clint from his own movies when you recycle clips from the movies of others, including the Gary Cooper classic SPRINGFIELD RIFLE? The joke used to be...."How can you tell if it is original footage or stock? The answer..."If the scene contains more that three people it's stock." Clint deserved better.  (I have mentioned some of the CHEYENNE episodes that rely heavily on footage from well known movies in earlier blogs.)

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Tom B. said...

Never knew why Clint was never a bigger star. He had everything needed to be a leading action man. Good looks, great physique, voice and tall. He was my favorite TV cowboy actor but really made few films over his career.