Friday, June 10, 2011

A COLD DAY IN western just out on dvd

This new western "stars" Michael least he's the biggest name in the cast and the only recognizable one at that. However, he's barely in the pic and it mainly revolves around a character called William Drayton, played by Jim Hilton who isn't that bad. However, the movie is not that good, the acting over all is poor and just about when I was ready to give up on the movie it gave up on me....the dvd froze. Seems this is some kind of sequel to the 2009 western ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE (which I have not seen or attempted to watch) top-lining David Carradine and featuring many of the same actors in the same roles as in "Cold Day." Christopher Forbes has almost as many credits on "Cold Day" as the Campagna Brothers have on SIX REASONS WHY. (See blog entry dated 2-26-09.) He co-produced, directed, co-wrote the script, co-wrote the music, did the cinematography and edited the flick. Wonder if he scouted the locations also? In a blurb on the front of the dvd jacket, Stuart Alson of "Independent Film Quarterly" says "3:10 TO YUMA rides up next to TRUE GRIT" and his blurb on the back of the dvd jacket says, "The best film Michael Madsen has starred in since RESERVOIR DOGS." What movie did this guy Alson watch? But then again, I didn't get to see the entire movie and I suppose it could have gotten much better at the end.....and…if frogs had wings their butts wouldn't hit the ground when they hop.

Don't get me wrong....I like westerns. I love westerns and I applaud people who get them made, but making bad ones only sets the genre back.

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chris.k said...

I heard about this one... I dig Madsen, but dang, if even the editing on that trailer's a bit cringe-worthy.