Friday, August 21, 2009


This cavalry flick is the first dvd I've had a chance to see from the Warner Archives. At one time there was some discussion as to whether or not the movies from the "Archives" are dvds or dvdrs...well, in one word I think they can be classified as dvdrs instead of dvds, and that word is purple. The back of the disc of this movie is purple and not silvery as regular dvds are. "Trumpet" is a cavalry flick directed by the late great Raoul Walsh (his last movie, as a matter of fact) and features Susanne Pleshette and Dianne McBain vying for the charms of the very manly Lt. Troy Donahue but on occasions indians and soldiering get in their way. I remember this movie being much more enjoyable the first time I saw it (I was a lot younger then) and I often confuse it with the much much better Richard Boone/Charles Bronson/Slim Pickens Richard Chamberlain/Duane Eddy cavalry epic with a similar name A THUNDER OF DRUMS which was released three years earlier. Obvious this was a chance for Warners to use their contract stars in a feature film. "Hey they're under contract for very little, so let's put them in a movie."

Quality of the dvr is very good. On the menu there is a selection for "play" and one for the "trailer." No chapter settings...If you want to jump ahead or back for "ten minutes" at a time you can by using the quick jump button on your remote.

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