Thursday, April 2, 2020

When we think of Directors who helped and helped define the career and screen persona of John Wayne we first think of John Ford, rightly so, and Howard Hawks....and to some extent Raoul Walsh...but did you know how influential Henry Hathaway was to the Duke's career?
In his very enjoyable, very readable and highly informative book on Director Henry Hathaway, author Harold N. Pomainville points out that Hathaway "played a decisive role at critical times in Duke's career. With THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS, he helped consolidate Wayne's star status. NORTH TO ALASKA cushioned the failure of THE ALAMO, by providing Wayne with a much needed commercial success. With THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER, Hathaway resurrected Wayne's invincible image in the wake of the star's cancer surgery. Under Hathaway's sure hand, Wayne delivered an Oscar-winning performance in TRUE GRIT. After he completed ROOSTER COGBURN Wayne confided to Hathaway that he had hoped Henry would ride to the rescue once more."
Wayne wanted Henry to direct ROOSTER COGBURN but at the time Hathaway's relationship with Producer Hal Wallis was at an all time low and when Hathaway found out that Wallis' wife Martha Hyer had written the script under the aka of Martin Julien that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Alas and alack the Duke and Henry were never to work together again.


Carli Lloyd said...

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John F. Kennedy said...

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Tony Brubaker said...

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Tony Brubaker said...

John, when are you going to post your 10 favourite pictures of Pauline Hickey on here ?.

John Crummett said...

Tony, i hear ya` pal. Co-incidentally i`m actually still in the midst of preparing a Pauline Hickey extravaganza (as it were), soon you`ll see over 100 pictures of that totally amazing mega-titted sex-pot on this site, it`ll be truly astonishing.

Russ Meyer said...

Massive Knockers: Pauline Hickey 1985
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Massive knockers: Lorna Maitland 1964
Massive knockers: Dolly Parton 1964
Massive knockers: Viviene Kanoia 1965
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Massive Knockers: Chesty Morgan 1946
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Rod Serling said...

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Rod Serling said...

By the way, i also watched "secrets of the strip-o-gram girls" (1985) the only film that Pauline Hickey ever appeared in, it's an appalling film and the quite astonishing Miss Hickey is indeed the ONLY reason to watch it, but I must admit seeing that amazing bird in a complete movie was quite an experience, that bird really was totally beyond belief in her unparalleled pulcritudenousness.